Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's been a long time....

I couldn't really believe how long it's been since I've blogged here! I have been writing about my health but on my other blog where I document my daily day-to-day musings. I took the time this afternoon to copy some of my health related blogs over here.

I don't like giving this disease more of a platform then it already has in my life; I think that's why I have a hard time blogging here. It's like acknowledging that it does have a place in my existence when I spend so much time concentrating on the blessed parts of my life. (more on that coming later!)

But I was re-reading over my old posts here and felt really glad that I'd started documenting my symptoms and my treatment. It was helping me remember. And maybe one day it will help other people.

The past couple weeks have been rough in the Lyme realm of my life. I've had this persistent head pain on the left side of my skull, which, turns out, I was battling in August too but had forgotten. It's a pain that centers around my temple and then spreads into my teeth and jaw and eye. It hurts so bad. I've had a reprieve from it the past couple days but this morning while I was talking to my mom at the breakfast table, it HIT me but this time on the right side.

How can I go from feeling perfectly fine to holding my head in pain? It just doesn't make sense. And if it doesn't make sense to me, how can I explain it to other people?

I can't remember anything it seems like. I have to ask questions moments after I've spoken. "Did you say that?" "Did I say......?"

Sleeplessness remains an issue although I have to say the past three nights I've slept. And woke up with my covers perfectly over me the way I'd put them the night before. Usually it looks like someone's been massacred in my bed in the mornings. I've tried not to lay on my stomach as three times now, a piercing pain has raked up and down my back, making me cry out aloud. It's those random moments of hurt that catch me off guard.

The evening nausea is back although today it got an early start. By noon I couldn't stand or walk without intense nausea. It eventually passed.

Two days ago I was making lasagna and it exhausted me. I was laying the noodles out in the pan and the pain in my shoulders was so intense. I had to take a break today while stirring sugar cookie dough.

I did find a breakthrough in taking my supplements! I've been buying Yoplait smoothie mixes in the frozen section in Wal-Mart; you just have to add milk so it's quick and easy! I make one every morning and break open all my supplements and pour them in. I'm even able to break up my allergy and thyroid pills and put them in too. This was huge for me since pill fatigue is why, in the past, I've quit taking my medication and supplements. Doing it this way, I only have to actually swallow five pills. I was so pumped!

Life is good, you know. Life with Lyme is good.

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